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Thread: FS2004 on Windows 8

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    I also go back to Win7

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    Well, it probably will be back to Windows XP for least where Flight sim 2004 is concerned. Thanks!!

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    Over the weekend I built a new pc and loaded Win 8.1 reloaded FS2004 after a long time Initially it crashed but I right clicked on the shortcut and ran a compatibility test, win 8 detected to run this program in winXP Sp3 and since saving that setting I have not had problems. Other than the blacked out screen all is good. I will try to run it in lower res to see if helps with black screen but I think it is graphics card related. so.. Win 8.1 works for me..

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    Brettjblog: You must have been reading my mind. I just came off a forum which suggested the exact same thing. So I tried it and it seems to work so far. So, for now, I'm a happy camper, getting my weekly FS fix

    By the way, is it my imagination or does the graphics in Win 8.1 look much better than in other versions? Maybe that's just wishful thinking but if so, maybe I'll start creating some screenshots that I'm not ashamed of.

    Anyway, thanks all

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    Update: I spoke too soon. The compatibility test is not completely successful after all. Air Traffic Control isn't working on the LearJet (although it works on the KingAir). Also the LearJet engines won't start (although they start on the KingAir). I hate to admit it but I think this problem has gotten me whipped. I spent all day trying to fix this with no satisfaction. And just so you know, flight sim isn't the only problem I'm having with this new computer and Windows 8.1. Like I said, I envy you guys who are running your stuff and not having any problems. That's just not my experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mina's Man View Post
    Air Traffic Control isn't working on the LearJet (although it works on the KingAir). Also the LearJet engines won't start (although they start on the KingAir).
    Sounds to me like more of an in-sim problem than an OS problem.

    Start a flight in the C172 with the engines running. Make sure the Avionics Master is on. Switch to the Lear and test ATC.

    When trying to start the Lear (Ctrl+E?) press Ctrl+Shft+F4 first.

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    The black screen will always be there unless you go out of full screen. Then the twirling airplane will be there. Also install in another directory outside the program(x86). I put mine in Microsoft Games folder and it runs fine. On the shortcut right click compability and check run as admin and that should take care of it.

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