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Thread: FS2004 on Windows 8

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    if you have enough space why not add a virtual disk drive to your system and install window 7 on it and install flight sim to run on that only. the software is free from Microsoft and supports 2 systems you can choose which system you want at boot time. just a thought!

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    As an old FS fan (started on an IBM PC in the mid 1980s), I would just like to say that after running FS2004 in Windows XP Pro, I now have a new machine running Windows 8.

    I had built up the simulator with literally hundreds of aircraft, scenery and other add-ons on the XP computer.

    Fished out my old FS2004 discs and install in Windows 8. No problems so far.

    Runs well except for the black window on the aircraft selection page.

    I then copied ALL the files in the Gauges and Effects folders over to the new Windows 8 machine.

    This allows for a relatively easier base for installing my manually installed aircraft.

    I was very surprised to find I could install complex aircraft like the Tupolev Tu-154M without any problem.

    I had to do it manually though, Some installer programs refuse to work in Windows 8.

    It is a slow process building up FS again, but I guess it will be worth it. My old computer is about ready to die on me anyway.

    By the way, make sure you have given the FS9 folder full security clearance (permissions etc.), before you begin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dwaintr View Post
    i will go back to Win7
    I have Win8 and FS9. I have no problem using them together. However, I had some problems installing some of my aircraft because FS9 shut down when I tried to select them. I also had the black screen where I shoud see the aircraft I chose. By accident, I came to close FS9 down from windows mode, and when I opened FS9 again, I could see planes in the windue there before was black, odd. I shut down again from the windows mode, and installed the aircraft which did not work before, and they work now! After I chose the flight I choose full mode.
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    Dear vierning,
    I read you have the same problem as me: black screen when you want to choose an aircraft.
    Found you a solution to this problem?
    It is about a problem of resolution of screen?
    I shall like knowing what to do to solve this difficulty.
    Thank you.

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    Dear Degiorgio,
    I read you have the same problem as me: black screen when you want to choose an aircraft.
    Found you a solution to this problem?
    It is about a problem of resolution of screen?
    I shall like knowing what to do to solve this difficulty.
    Thank you.

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    There is a compatibility error with the Flight Simulator 2004 game.

    Windows 8, being the latest in Windows genre of operating system requires latest softwares to run with.

    The game is preety old and don't conform to the requirments of Windows8 compatibility.

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    Degiorgio... Hi there.. hey I just want to know what kind of Software you using to compile your flightplans and keep track of all your textures, aircraft, and flightplans... I am using FS AOM... 3.45 by manfred Murer... but was wondering if that is what you are using also of if there is one that you suggest that is better and with as ease to use as FS-AOM.. thanks


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    Hello again .. .Sorry I forgot to tell you that I am using Windows 8.1 .

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    FS9 works 100% with windows 8 and the best choice i ever made. There are two things that Win8 doesn't like, 1. you will have to minimize the sim so choose what aircraft you want to fly, and 2. you can't watch videos of those by king school and the vintage tutorial videos. Oh yeah, had to throw this in here...LOL. Screenshot was taken near Tyndall AFB..

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    Hello, Everyone: I know this is an old thread but I hope you'll bare with me. My problem is whenever I try to do anything in FS2004 (with Windows 8.1 and a new computer) I get the following: "Microsoft Flight Simulator has stopped working...A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available". I just bought this computer a few days ago. I've tried uninstalling the program which seems to have made the situation worse. When I first installed it at least I could create flights and save them. Never got around to flying because sometimes I'd get the above message. Today, after reading this tread, I tried to re-install FS. Now EVERYTIME I try to create a flight, save a flight, or anything else the message pops up. FS2004 simply will not work anymore. I certainly hope someone out here has some ideas.
    P.S. I envy those of you who say Windows 8.1 works for their version of 2004. Wish I could say the same. As for myself: Nothing but problems (some of them not FS related). Sorry but this operating system doesn't impress me in the slightest.
    Thanks, in advance

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