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    I was flying a flight from Cape Town for my VA(South African Virtual Airways) in a South African Airways Boeing 737-400. And everyting went smooth as planned I arrived at the airport and recieved clearance to taxi to the gate. I started taxiing and made a few turns and I had to slow down due to a another aircraft infront of me, so I slowed down to 8 knots and all of a sudden the plane came to a hault. Now I didn't know what happened so I tried to increase the speed and increased the N1% to 56% and then I see smoke. So I changed the view to find my aircraft with one engine on fire and the other disappeared. Now I reported the emergency to ground control and turned of the fuel flow. Then opened the door and shouted, " This is ur captain speaking, there is a fire onboard and all the doors have been open, so please evacuate in an orderly fashion, WOMEN AND CABIN CREW!" (LOL)

    take a look at this pic

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    no pic

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