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Thread: FSNav for here?

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    Does it require a DLL.XML entry since its module based? On the line of what Jim was saying. You may also try creating an FSX.exe dummy file and putting in the PrepaR3D folder? Some programs look to the registry and other simply look for the FSX.exe for folder location.
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    I seem to have got it to work by disabling the migration tool, then re-enabling it (without doing anything else) then installing FStramp.
    The option is now in the add-ons menu to show the map.
    Thanks for all the suggestions.

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    I don't know about the rest of you here but I have found GMAP FSwidget to be a great add on and it is free! You can use map mode, sat mode or my favourite - hybrid mode which is a combination of the sat and map together. A really great add on, and if you download the browser version you can run FSX in full screen mode and have the GMAP in full screen mode on a second monitor with absolutely no reduction in FPS!

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    Nowhere except in FSNav have I ever seen defined, the discrepancy between a VOR's radial and the magnetic course you must fly to stay on that radial. Deviation I guess it would be called, I think it has to do with changes taken place in the earth's magnetic field since the VOR station was initially installed. It's there in FSTramp as well, shown as "NAV/OBS bearing = Mag. bearing +/- *n* deg". This tidbit of info is one of the biggest things I've missed about FSNav/FS9 since moving to FSX.

    For example, say you wanted to fly from Spokane (KGEG) to Seattle (KSEA) and you wanted to track outbound on the Spokane VOR. FSTramp reports when hovering your mouse over the VOR "NAV/OBS bearing = Mag. bearing - 5 deg". If you right click and drag a line between the VOR and KSEA it shows the magnetic course to be 253° so you then add -5° to that and dial 248° into the NAV1 course selector window (OBS) and fly that radial. Without knowing this, your only option would be to dial in the actual course of 253° and you'd find yourself well North of KSEA upon arrival.

    If I was pig-rich I'd spend the 40 bucks for that feature alone but I'm not. I'll keep an eye on FSTramp and if it evolves to the point where it can be used in full screen and eventually gives you the ability to create and export a flight plan I'll probably pop, but in it's present state I'm gonna have to say it's a little light for the asking price.

    I have in the meantime however taken the time to get PlanG v3 installed and working correctly, and I'm pleased to see that it now caches the imagery and downloads only when you view an area that you haven't viewed before (it downloads weather data on every startup amounting to around 7mb, but that can be switched off in the settings). v3 has a "show radial" function on the right click menu for navaids that's similar to FSTramp's function mentioned above, you can key in a radial and distance and see where the radial would lead you. I haven't verified it yet, but it would appear that you keep keying in different radials until the line leads you directly to the next waypoint and then fly that radial in the sim. I should note that I'm using v3 "build 50" (test build) and one of the build notes is "Fixed VOR Radial render used ambient magvar not the value embedded in the VOR data" which I believe is the key.

    I'm off to test this out a bit, hope you're all getting some nice flights in this weekend .

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    Yes the product is great. The only thing I'd like to see added is the FP route attached to aircraft.

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    Default Sorry guys

    Sorry guys. FS Tramp, Plan G and FS Commander 8 are not a patch on FSNav.
    Still waiting.

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