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Thread: PMDG 747 problems

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    Over the past few weeks Ive been flying lots of long haul flights for my VA. Mainly in the PMDG 747. My computer is of a high quality and has good specs (Windows 7 64bit professional, Intel i7 26000, 12GB DDR3 memory and Nvidia 560 graphics card) and when I fly I only have FSX, FSINN (for vatsim) and VAFS 5 running which in the performance viewer only takes up 15-30% CPU, 30% physical memory and 72 performance on an average. However the problem is the PMDG 747 whenever I fly it on a long haul problems occur when I go onto FSX (when I wake up or come home) One of the main issues right now is when I go onto the outside view I can see through the whole plane so only the passenger cabin is seen, the winglets are missing, I can see the gears etc and everything inside but also sometimes leaving it in virtual cockpit mode the whole time parts of the cockpit disappear so I can see nothing on the panel and some of the outside etc. Does anybody know any problems related to this? I don`t think my performance is the problem as its only running at below 50% on average.
    Thanks very much for your help

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    I had the very same problems, you look at the outside view and you were flying a skeleton!

    The first thing I did was delete the fsx.conf file.

    Then restart FSX, it rebuilds the file with basic instructions.

    Then go and upgrade your conf file from Bijotes Tweaking tips....

    Link -

    Then reload - FSX, after that, I can only suggest you will have to do what I did and completely reinstall from scratch - a pain and it still may not work.

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    The first thing I would check is the highmemfix entry in the fsx.cfg.

    Make sure it's there.



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