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    I downloaded Bob Chilco's revised version of the ex-payware North American RA-5C. I really like this plane and especially since Bob added the glass cockpit features. I wish the radar really worked though.

    Anyway, I read in one of my many aircraft books that this bird should top end at 1,203 knots at 40,000 feet. So I take it up to 40k and open up the throttle. The results are a top speed of 323 knots airspeed with it being just over 600 knots ground speed.

    So after reading somewhere on here about adjusting the static thrust in the config file I track it down and adjust it up from 17000 in increments. Every adjustment has zero affect as the IAS remains 323 knots at 40,000 feet.

    Am I missing something in the cfg file? Is there another way to get this bird to go supersonic at altitude?

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    Bob Chicilo did FSX revisions and mods for the Alphasim ex-payware version, so, I'll assume that's the one you have.

    I use the freebie Alphasim FS9 version as my base, added my panel from the library here, and used Bob's aircraft.cfg.
    I added a lot of my own tweaks, to Bob's already modded aircraft.cfg, and it does not exhibit what you've noted.

    Mine, with a full fuel load, will climb at 6000+ FPM on the burners and cruise FL400 at Mach 1.2/385Kias/686kTAS with 90-91% Throttle.

    I don't know if Bob made changes to the *.air file or not. Mine is dated ‎"Friday, ‎October ‎05, ‎2007, ‏‎8:59:00 PM"

    I'm attaching my aircraft.cfg as a text file. Paste your [fltsim.X] Sections in the space noted, and "Save As" aircraft.cfg replacing the one you have. Make good and SURE you have your original backed up before you replace it.

    If it doesn't work, there may be something else that isn't right...Don

    RA5C Aircraft config.txt
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