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Thread: Shockwave 3D Lights Redux CFG for Wilco A380 v2

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    Exclamation Shockwave 3D Lights Redux CFG for Wilco A380 v2

    Hello Flightsimmers!

    Well, actually the question is asked in the title.

    Does anybody knows or have the
    Shockwave 3D Lights Redux configuration for the Wilco Airbus A380? (v1.4)

    I looked everywhere on the A2A Simulations page and could bot find anything!
    (not for FS2004 at least!)

    Please give me a hand!

    Thanks in Advance...
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    I'll change the question then... ;-)
    Maybe somebody willing to share his/her 3D light redux file from Wilco's Airbus A380 v1.4?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have to be honest with this product, it is one of the best releases for flight simulator BUT IT IS A PAIN TO INSTALL THE LIGHTS ON ADDON AIRCRAFTS!!

    I've had the product for almost 3 years now, only one addon aircraft worked with the lights effects, a 737 project opensky I think. Everyday I spent like 15 minutes in the aircraft cfg file trying different coordinates, numbers, names, titles, fx codes etc etc whatever it needs so that the addon aircrafts can have the effect lights of the product. I even want them for AI. I know it takes patience and alot of work but with me it's taking way too much more time, don't know what's exactly the problem.

    For your plane, try using the default coordinates of the payware aircraft then just change the effect code names, might work might not, that's all I can think of.

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    I have the Wilco A380, but haven't flown it in quite a while, however have done lots of light add-ons for various aircraft. These are the updated ones I use, hopefully they will work for you as well.

    //Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing
    light.0 = 3, -120.00, 0.18, 11.37, fx_shockwave_navwhi_l // fx_navwhi , //-194.95
    light.1 = 3, -120.00, -0.18, 11.37, fx_shockwave_navwhi_l // fx_navwhi , //-194.95
    light.2 = 2, -120.00, 0.00, 11.05, fx_strobe , //-194.95
    light.3 = 1, 46.05, -0.09, 21.75, fx_shockwave_beaconh // fx_beaconh ,
    light.4 = 1, 2.30, 0.00, -7.98, fx_shockwave_beacon_rotating_red // fx_beaconb ,
    light.5=5, 45.5, -18.40, 1.45, fx_Shockwave_landing_light_747_lw // Shockwave light
    light.6=5, 45.5, 16.70, 1.40, fx_Shockwave_landing_light_747_rw // Shockwave light
    light.7=5, 45.5, -18.50, 0.20, fx_Shockwave_landing_light_747_lw // Shockwave light
    light.8=5, 45.5, 16.80, 0.20, fx_Shockwave_landing_light_747_rw // Shockwave light
    light.9=6, 95.75, -1.2, -6.0, fx_shockwave_landing_light_747_nose // Shockwave light
    light.10=6, 95.75, 1.2, -6.0, fx_shockwave_landing_light_747_nose // Shockwave light

    The Shockwave manual has a good explanation of what is needed to add lights to other aircraft, but I know that it is very time consuming on some of the models.

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    THANKS to "ital" and "pentiumiii" for your incredible help.

    @ital: yes, i know what you are going through... I recently just obtained Shockwave 3D Lights Redux, and once flying it's a love-affair (vero amore), but in the CFG file, its a constant love-hate relationship with all these numbers. In fact, in a certain moment i just dropped the numbers, and changed the names of the FX files for the Shockwave 3D Lights Redux-names. Sometimes works good, sometimes it makes it look strange because of missing Landing lights, etc... a real Battlefield...

    @pentiumiii: I'm about to try right now my Maiden trip (out of the tutorial, haha!) with Wilco's A380 with your Shockwave 3D Lights Redux CFG settings. I hope it works, but anyways, i appreciate your help for posting your CFG and letting me try. :-) Last time i spend around 1 hour on a couple of light-effects for the A380 and achieved not a single thing... so my call for help might have sounded a little desperate, hehe...

    Again, Big up to you guys for helping me out, hope in the near future i can help you out with anything i know to one of your sim-problems...


    Co-Pilot Diego.

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    Ow poor me!

    @pentiumiii: i've tried your updated light combinarion, and the lights are everywhere besides where they are supposed to be. They lie scattered across the fuselage of the A380. :'-( i'm desperate... I really dont know how to fix this...

    Sad part is i've tried over 20 possible combi's from the A2A Forum or from online posts across the web, and no result till today.
    My whole Airbus fleet has these amazing lights, i seem to be only 'doomed' on the A380...

    I'll keep searching... In the meantime, if anyone out there can help me...

    Greetz, Co-Pilot Diego

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    Hi Co-Pilot Diego,

    Am sorry they didn't work out for you, but I can't double check them on my version yet as have formatted my new drive in preparation for a reinstall of FSX after Flight1 release their very large updates for GEX NA, and GEX EU. After that should be able to see what has happened to the positions, and get those pesky lights shining for you ;-)

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    Which version of the 380 are you using. The 380 v2 is for FSX and the 1.4 is for FS9. If you are using the v2 in FS9 that could be your problem.
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    Hey to All!

    @pentiumiii: Thanks again mate! I'm sorry if i am being too much a pain in the *censored*, but i really dont have any clue of 'creating' lines for 3D Lights Redux. I'm a Real CP. (referred as a Copy-Paster... Haha!)
    Not lazy, 'cause i'm quite informatica-studied on fs2004 so to speak, just i feel in the 3D Lights subject like i have 2 left arms, haha!
    Thanks for your patience!

    @Trev: i thought first that v2 was available to FS9, which i quickly found out it wasn't. So with all updates and so on i have now the Wilco Airbus A380 v1.4. (modified with the Wilco Airbus A343CFM Panel, because the A380 panel with that thing that is supposed to be an MCDU, looks too bad to use... Sorry for the belgium company...

    @Everybody: lately i found somewhere a very good merge, A343CFM Panel (without VC, but still pretty good) with the model of Project Airbus. Another headache more to put lights there. I just might have added another problem... Omg, the more modern the simworld becomes, the more troubles it brings. It supposed to 'fly itself without headache' right? ;-)

    Anyways, i'll stay on standby and see what comes up.
    Again to each and everyone of you, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    Co-Pilot Diego

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