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    Hi guys, let me first say I'm new to flight sim but I'm looking to learn. I'm having a bit
    Of trouble using the VOR. Im able to find the frequency of vor stations and fly to them but how
    Do I fly to airports. Here's the scenario, I'm starting off at hawarden airfield and want to travel
    To Liverpool airport, the nearest VOR station is north west of liverpool in Wallasey. Granted if I fly
    Towards Wallasey I can see the airport clearly, but that's not the point I want to be able to get there
    Without a map or in bad weather.

    Thanks in advance

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    You use a map/chart to determine the bearing from the VOR to the airport (or runway approach) you desire. Or ... you can use two VOR bearings to intersect where you want to be, the airport (or runway approach).

    This link may explain it a bit better for you.
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    Unless the target airport has a navaid on site, you'll have to use ded-reckoning.
    A VOR/DME(DME=with distance measuring equipment) within range of the target is easiest.
    The airport will lie on, or quite near, a Radial. You'll need a chart to pick an exact radial, but, you can get pretty close just by eyeballing it and the airport in the FSX map.
    Distance is a different story. You can scale the distance from the VOR to the airport on a chart.
    Guessing from the map usually doesn't get me close enough.

    Tune the Nav1 radio, adjust the OBS to the Radial or it's reciprocal(To/From) and fly the OBS.
    The distance remaining, to the airport, will be the distance from the VOR to the Airport minus the DME reading.

    Using an NDB, directly, requires intercepting and flying a bearing from the NDB to the airport, calculating distance by time vs speed.
    Much more complicated, because you have to factor in wind and Ground speed corrections to be accurate.

    The FSX Learning Center has very good tutorials, and Flight Sim Navigation by Charles Wood is a mainstay of the community.
    Do the lessons and read, read, read, while practicing. Sooner or later ded-reckoning will become almost second nature. for Airport info and sectional charting for most airports. does have quite a few charts available, but I could never find an index to navigate.
    Simply replace "KDTW" in the link with the ICAO of the airport...Don
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    "The FSX Learning Center has very good tutorials, and Flight Sim Navigation by Charles Wood is a mainstay of the community.
    Do the lessons and read, read, read, while practicing."

    Its amazing more people don't utilize these resource. Same goes for ILS procedures. I recall getting my CPL back when FS2004 came out and printing the certificates. Thought that was cool as heck, even for an old guy, and valuable lessons learned with Rod Machado as the instructor! Its hard to just "tell" someone how to fly (radio) VOR,NDB or ILS nav. It takes practice and is very rewarding and usefull once mastered. Wont see that in FLIGHT

    Another point. Often times there are no navaids, Bush flying in Alaska. You totally rely on visual (eyeball nav) using landmarks etc. If thats not possible (below minimums) you dont fly there. That simple.
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    Um... not to hijack this thread but I indeed do radio nav VOR, DME, ILS in MS Flight. There is also 3rd party software to make this and VFR nav very do-able in MS Flight.

    Flame on...


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    Quote Originally Posted by ninjatim01 View Post
    Hi guys, let me first say I'm new to flight sim but I'm looking to learn...

    There are already excellent suggestions provided here. If you would also like a "hard-copy" book, I highly recommend:

    Jeff Van West and Kevin Lane-Cummings (Microsoft Flight Simulator X FOR PILOTS)

    It's limited to stock GA aircraft only, but is loaded with step-by-step procedures, stories, and pictures.

    So, read, practice, and have fun.

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    Go to FILE/FLIGHT PLANNER on the menu bar. Under the "create flight" tab, select the departure point as EGNR, destination as EGGP, then VFR, GPS direct and FIND ROUTE. you will then see the map, a red line between the two points, and the waypoint list showing the selected checkpoints (so far).

    Take your mouse pointer, touch the red line and drag the point with the left mouse button to the WAL VOR (it will ask you about exactly what you want - select the "VOR" option).

    Now you will see the red line route from takeoff to WAL then to destination. Seems like not what you wanted, but WAIT -

    Select "Nav Log" at the bottom right of the dialogue window - it opens up the proposed knee board log for the route you have constructed so far.

    Look at the last leg - WAL to EGGP; it says you have to fly a COURSE (not heading) of 113 deg magnetic for 10.3 nautical miles to get from WAL to EGGP - in other words, that is a VOR radial and distance from WAL.

    Now, you have to do a little dead reckoning, since there is no VOR or NDB at Liverpool. Select OK on the NavLog view, and you will be looking at your map and red lines again. On the waypoint list to the right of the map, single click the WAL VOR entry so that it is highlighted, then select "Delete Waypoint" - bang - back to a direct route. to Liverpool.

    Look at the NavLog again - direct leg by dead reckoning is 027 deg for 10.7 nm

    Sooo - I would takoff, turn to a heading of about 045 deg ,watch your VOR indicator approach the 113 deg radial, then turn left to intercept and track inbound to 10.3 nm; you should be directly over the airport.

    Of course, you can't do that for real because it is controlled airspace - but this use of the flight planner is very useful for getting headings and distances as a starting point.

    My guess as to heading 045 deg initially is because you are close to the WAL VOR, and radials will be changing rapidly as you proceed. A greater distance from a VOR, you do not need to be quite so far off a direct course.
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    There are quite a few good VOR training Videos around on Youtube that will give you some good grounding on VOR Navigation.

    Kind Regards

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    Thanks everyone for the tips, I'll get experimenting. How much is vor used these days, is it still a must to know if you
    Want to be a pilot or is gps now the done thing?

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