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    What are the best FSX payware (scenery, planes...etc.), I am currently in the market for payware right now. Aircraft preferably commercial jets and scenery within the U.S. if applicable. Price is not really an issue, and any responses are appreciated!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1234plane View Post
    ...Aircraft preferably commercial jets...Price is not really an issue...

    These are then my suggestions:

    PMDG (B737, MD11, B747)
    Captain Sim (B757)
    Aerosoft (Airbus X)
    F1/Coolsky (MD80)
    F1/Level-D (B767)

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    FSDT Hawaiian airports. Superb quality, lots of short flights in spectacular scenery.

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    BlackBox Airbus X'treme "Prologue"

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    PMDG aircraft are the best addon ac money can buy.
    Ultimate terrain, Ground Environment Extreme and Real Environment Extreme make the whole simming experience more realistic visually.
    Aerosoft US cities are good addons.
    Imaginesim airports are also very good looking.
    That'll put ya back a few $$


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    Got a pretty good list! Thank you to all who replied.

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    Definitely PMDG NGX and ORBX scenery.

    Charlie - KSBP

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    I love my Quality Wings 757, Virtavia B1b, Nemeth Designs Super Stallion CH-53 and Real Air Duke Turbo.
    I also love Megascenery X for Southern California

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