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    I am a new owner of the 737Ngx. At the moment I want to understand this aircraft a bit better but I am too lazy to read

    So I realy would enjoy using the HGS and I know how do config the settings in the panel but I don't know the differences of th modes(IMC etc.).
    Could you explain me these differences?!
    And I've heard that ther is a mode where you can see the runway in the HGS. Which mode is that?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Flying_Alex View Post
    And I've heard that ther is a mode where you can see the runway in the HGS.
    Yes, watching the distant RWY lights appear exactly within the central circle of the HGS dislay during a night approach is amazing. PMDG claims it to be the first "fully collimated and fully conformal" HGS system in an MSFS airliner, which means this is the closest, we (virtual pilots), will ever come to what real pilots see.

    Hopefully, this remark will now prompt you to read the manuals. Start with the Tutorial. Search for (HGS). It has the basic (2-step) set-up explained.

    Only after you are caught up with the basic-reading (sorry, no escape here), I would recommend that you then take advantage of the PMDG 737NGX Forum / knowledge base.

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