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Thread: PNW - Cessna 195 On Floats

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    Yep!!! you did it again Great pic's Name:  smiley-score010.gif
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    As a P-51 pilot said "She Climbs Like A Home Sick Angel"

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    Deano, Dan, thank you much.


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    Thanks for taking the time to take pics. I started to look at them and realized the textures are all mixed up. We fixed this issue 2 days later after our original release. So I must say those pics are not worth looking at in my book because of the mixed textures. But i do like the effort and the action around the bridges....5 stars.

    Thanks for noticing that our work is getting better! We try to upgrade or add new features to older products as Flysimware begins to make better flight dynamics and top of the line models. Please visit our update page for news on our flight dynamics program just added last month.

    Flysimware's C195 FSX Rev 1.6 is available with over 15 updates. Enjoy!
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    Thank you Mark. I have your 120 and 1966 Cessna as well and I enjoy flying them all ! Thanks for the HU on the update.


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    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful... bird and scenery.

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    Thank you klee.


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    Awesome Adam.

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    Thank you John.


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    Awesome Screenshots Adam , I like the cessna 195 . We actually have one based at the airport where I work it is in fine condition the owner had it totally restored .

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    Thank you Earl.


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