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Thread: Unwanted aircraft reversing

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    Default Unwanted aircraft reversing

    Hi all
    For the last week or so I have been having this problem and I cannot figure out what it's all about. I am sitting in my aircraft (any aircraft) and all of a sudden the aircraft starts backing up. If i re-apply the brakes it will stop but soon start again.

    Thanks for your help in advance......John :Peace:

    Running FS9

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    When it happens try CTRL-P and see if it makes it stop.

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    Are you facing into a strong headwind? That can blow an F-14 off an aircraft carrier :O

    Steve from Mudgee.

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    Hit the F1 key to force engine idle. It is actually possible on jets equipped with reverse thrust that if the idle point calibration is off on the throttle in the positive direction you can get reverse thrust in the control idle position. I think that this is true of constant speed props as well that can swing the prop to the reverse angle.

    I remember a long time ago deliberately calibrating my throttle idle at a high physical position so bringing it down all the way would hive me reverse. I had to also modify the aircraft.cfg to accept this.

    Is this happening at all locations?
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    Quote Originally Posted by voyager747ft View Post
    When it happens try CTRL-P and see if it makes it stop.
    Don't you mean shift p meaning pushback....

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    If you are sitting in your aircraft you should have the parking brake on

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