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    I'm looking for the best bae-146 available... Since I've had to start over I'm being a bit more selective in my downloads! Any suggestions?


    P.S. Is an AVRO the same thing?

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    Took me ages to work this out....

    Avro RJ 70 = BAE 146-100 (stumpy)
    Avro RJ 85 = BAE 146-200 (medium)
    Avro RJ 100 = BAE 146=300 (large)
    (please tell me I'm right here!!)

    Probably the best place to go is Jon Murchinson's site at

    He has a representative of each type if you click on the "development > BAE 146 > model development" menu links on the left.

    Mike Stone has done an excellent GMAX RJ 85 (though it is often passed off as an RJ 100) and Precision Sim Designs have the old IADG FS2k model at

    (they are currently moving to

    I'm not really sure which is best, but I prefer the first two.

    Daniel, Wales, UK

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    Thanks for the info... Cleared up quite a few questions.

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