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Thread: How to create photoreal scenery for FSX

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    The links from the OP for SBuilderX and ADE no longer work - does anyone have the new links? or where can i download these from?

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    I think this is the full install for SBuilderX v3.14:

    I heard the PTSim site is down, it's happened before so I'm sure it'll be back soon.

    You can google ADE and find a link of visit and look in the ADE forum.

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    Cool - why do some of my maps not download with google?

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    Because you need to update the google_server.dll located in the SBuilderX314\Tiles folder. Replace it with v165 (the latest is always available in the last post of this thread):

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    I have a 64Bit machine so copied the SBuilderX313_x86 folder DLL into my SBuilder folder. I still have an error with white spaces on google maps.

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    Just keep randomly copying stuff around, eventually you'll end up with the right combination.

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    I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place but I just want to thank the author for this fabulous step by step tutorial. It was right on the money. I went through it twice just to reinforce it (and there were a few steps that I missed but it's all good now.) Thank you so much for all your time and effort on this tutorial. I will be able to apply it to my area.
    Frank Clarke

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    Look me up on Skype. With screen sharing I can help. Nauru.inf. (If this file name is different than the bgl and the txt and the blend mask then this will not work. It has to be the same filename. After you compile THEN change the name all you want.

    Other guy. The only guy I know who posted step by step instructs for photoreal on here is me. Look for jyarddog on Skype or Robert Lacy. I am in Ione, WA USA. Add a short message to remind me of who you are. I am willing and able to help all I can. If I can't I have friends here who help as well.... kind of a family. We pick each others' brains around here! Bob

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    I am at the very beginning of the tutorial, When i opened the background of the intended airport to design. Your tutorial says it should open to zoom 8 and to increase to zoom 13. The problem is that when I go higher than 12 all I see is a white background.


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    thanks. I am on Skype as Robert lacy or try jyarddog I am in Ione, WA ifthat helps. willing to help all I can.

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