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    Is there a way to activate a cross hair or something that will show me exactly which direction the plane is pointed in? I'd like to be able to line up for landings exactly. I usually end up too far right or too far left. I would like to be able to point a cursor at a point on the runway and be guaranteed that the aircraft is going straight into that direction. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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    While it won't show you the direction you are pointed at, the Visual Flight Path option will show you where you should be pointed. Just fly thru the boxes down to the runway. You can enable it in the Fsx menu bar under Aircraft.
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    I believe there are different pointer marks that can be set from the View or the Settings menu. I don't remember exactly where they are as I don't use them. Do a little investigating.

    Another way. Determine the runway orientation at your destination. Knowing that, when you are about 20-10 miles out, switch to your GPS on 10 mile resolution and GET LINED UP with the runway for the approach. If you need it, get hold of a tutorial on using an ILS approach.

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    If you are in "full-screen" mode, Alt key first, then Views, then Axis Indicator. You have a choice of 3 different ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bergz48 View Post
    If you are in "full-screen" mode, Alt key first, then Views, then Axis Indicator. You have a choice of 3 different ones.
    Thanks. I'll try this.

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