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    Default Virtual Pilot 3D

    I did not know where to post this question, so if it's in wrong forum please move. The question is has anyone heard of or using the virtual pilot 3d? Is this a new flightsim please enlighten.

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    It is a flightsim and it is the pay version of a free program of this:

    So they are charging something you can get for free.

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    Thanks very much for your reply!

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    You'll find more about the "Virtual Pilot 3D" scam on these pages:

    FlightGear is free software.

    Happy flying.
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    Is that not illegal???

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    These guys are advertising on Facebook. I have asked several times to remove their ads. The ads then change slightly. Yesterday the add indicated it was from Microsoft but when you clicked on it, it went to the Virtual Pilot 3D site. Surely something can be done to stop this sort of blatant misrepresentation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by generalhavoc View Post
    Is that not illegal???
    Unfortunately, no it is not illegal.

    Or rather, the sale of Open Source software is not in and of itself illegal. Misrepresenting the product as one's own work, using screenshots from other sims to promote it, and false/misleading statements may well be illegal.

    Whatever else it may be, it is without question highly unethical!
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    Or rather, the sale of Open Source software is not in and of itself illegal.
    The main drive behind open source software is to make sure the source is made available to everyone, not to provide free (as in price) programs. Read the link below from the authors of the GPL, the licence Flight Gear uses.

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    Yeah it's Sad that people cash in like that! It's not illegal either so legally there not doing anything wrong, but morally they do! Plus whatever Version they's not the up to date version. The FlightGear website has the most up to date version of the free open source flight simulator, which I must say, is coming along quite nicely

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