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Thread: Start in here in two weeks

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    Mate, I am soooo jealous of your new position. Congratulations on the start of an AWESOME career. I'm so very proud of you! Best wishes for a wonderful and rewarding experience my friend.

    May God Bless You Always! ~Glenn
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    Will you be able to fly anywhere outside of Hawaii?

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    Don't get it... Is that a joke?
    Tom - 737-800 F/O
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    Quote Originally Posted by tommchowat View Post
    Don't get it... Is that a joke?
    (Like MS Flight only has Hawaii)... just a little jokeypoo

    Looks like you're going to be having a blast... congrats!

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    Way to go Tom! It is great of you to keep us informed about your carreer in aviation. That box looks like there's going to be a lot of tense moments coming up for you in the next couple months.

    I agree about Ryanair and I tip my hat to Michael O'Leary for trying to make flying costs more realistic!

    I think all airlines are well aware of the problems today with rising fuel costs and all other expenses, like higher safety requirements, wages, cost of living, etc, etc. It's just the fact that they, due to public relations, can't spell it out. It is easier sometimes to ridicule big business than to look into the mirror.

    I've flown more than half way around the world several times since the 1960's.

    There are several observations I've made that are different now.
    People use the facilities much more today than in the old days. (you see more people are sucking on a sugar beverage all the time)
    The average weight of passengers is much greater today than 50 years ago. (and it isn't just because of average height)
    People carry on or take more luggage today than at that time.
    I could go for a week with a small bag and several changes of under cloths.
    (today it's all about designer clothes, etc). LOL

    I wouldn't mind standing for a couple hours on a flight if the price was right.
    I can see the day, in a not too distant future, when people are charged by their weight as well as their baggage weight. I think it's only fair.
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    I'm very excited for you, a dream come true. I bet your mom would like to smother you with hugs because she's so proud of you.

    I've been studying, or trying to study, on the cheapest method possible. Lately however I have been extrememly busy taking care of my mom, one surgery down, one to go. And in the process have had to keep my car repaired, I think it was in the shop for 2.5 months last Summer/Fall for a surgery back then. Thought it was in perfect shape lately for this latest surgery, found four big problems, and a fifth even bigger problem, got them taken care of enough for surgery. Then my new dishwasher broke down three times! And it's really fancy! So this week have a hectic schedule, today dishwasher repair, tomorrow mom's Dr, next day car dealer repair shop, seems like everything's falling apart and being patched back together! After that however, it's a nice relaxing search for a Corvette and/or Escalade, camera for advertising, then FINALLY, a good laptop to start studying my core courses for PPL, IFR, ME, then hope to get Commercial, and ATPL courses. Hope to be able to fly FS9/FSX on the laptop also, so I can study and fly FS wherever I am. Have another surgery for my mom next month, always remember the golden rule (somehow learned this while I was a pre-med), whenever you need a Dr for a family member always get the very best possible. It can save you countless problems. I got the best on the W Coast for my mom.

    BTW originally, plan A, I was going to fly across country for one or more cars and return as fast as possible which would be fun. When I was younger nearly tried out for the Olympics in the marathon, was a better road cyclist but didn't have the equipment to compete. One of my friends nicknamed me the "Flash" (comic book character ), as I like to go fast, on foot, bike, etc. Stopped skiing back then as thought I was going too fast, like one of my heros Franz Klammer, thought I'd crash bad. So any way on such a buying trip I would try to be as fast as possible round trip. Started looking for a car(s) locally, but may have to resort back to plan A, be fun to take a trip or two by commercial flight.

    Keep us informed, maybe you could send us some photos inside the simulator?

    It's not easy or cheap to get good flight instruction, but I pay close attention to this historical icon of aviation:

    68,000 lbs of thrust..... "Excellent!" --Montgomery Burns, Simpsons tv show

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