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    After many years with FS9 I have moved to FSX on a new compter. In Fs9 there were key commands that could raise or lower the seat (in reality the glare shield was being adjusted). I have been unable to find a similar feature in FSX. I only use 2d cockpits.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    You have to been in the virtual cockpit to raise and lower the seat now. I was the same as you using 2D view in FS9, but you get used it quick.

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    In 2D use Shift/Enter

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    The key is that yes, you can raise and lower the eyepoint, but in 2D what you need to do is rotate the view down. That's because the 2D panel isn't part of the view, it is simply drawn over the outside view. Since the eyepoint only affects the outside view in 2D, raising or lowering it is almost imperceptible, except on the ground. To rotate the view use control+Q and shift+control+Q. It seems to take more "clicks" in FSX than in FS9.

    Also note in FSX there is only the front panel. The side views will be from the VC interior if it exists. Because of this moving the eyepoint up/down WILL move the side view of the cockpit up/down.

    scott s.
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    Many thanks for the solutions.

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