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Thread: Help! FSX won't load.

  1. Angry Help! FSX won't load.

    As the title says, FSX Acceleration has won't load anymore.
    I am using an Acer Aspire M390, with Intel Core i5-2300 CPU @ 2.80 GHz. 4 Gb RAM, running Windows 7 Home Premium SP 1 and have been successfully using FSX on this machine for over 6 months.
    Two weeks ago, after installing a new aircraft (P-38 "Fear The Reaper" By David C. Copley & Mark Rooks) and creating a new folder with a RAAF repaint I created, FSX suddenly stopped loading on start up.
    What happens is:
    I start the program and the FSX splash screen appears, after 2 or 3 seconds, a dialogue box appears which states "Generating new database for scenery files.." which then disappears and the program seems to continue loading (?) However, when I look at the process in MS Task Manager, it states that FSX is "Not Responding". I have allowed this program to continue running in this state for a full 24 hours and it does not progress any further. The Memory (Private Working Set) has stalled at 81,592 K where previously, when the program loaded correctly, it would sit at around 130,000 + K.
    I have tried repairing the install and even removing and re-installing a completely clean install, four times without any change.
    I really am at a loss as to what to try next and need your help, please.

    Cheers, Zero_Alpha

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    Seing you have tried re installing...

    Un intstall again, run C Cleaner and defrag the HD to make sure everything is gone

    I've seen it said in a few places it's best to defrag before reloading/reinstalling FS.X and cleaning off old files and bits won't hurt.....and may help.

    Then reinstall.

    It will take a while, but it seems you're going nowhere anyway.

    All I can truthfully say is that is what I'd do if I were you

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    If you think that the Lightning installation might have something to do with it you should check if any DLLs were installed when you added the plane...

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    Look in your "Documents\Flight Simulator X" folder and find any saved flight (an extension of ".FSSAVE". Double click, it may open FSX, or ask what program to use - select FSX as the default program. That should start FSX properly and it may heal itself.
    Another way - delete your FSX.cfg file; FSX will look for it, not see it, and build aa new one. However, you will have to set up all your preferences all over again though.

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    Go to My Documents/flight simulator X files, and locate the file, logbook.BIN. Move it, or change the extension. Then start FSX again. FSX will make a new logbook file. You will lose your logbook with last few flights but FS will open. texerrn

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