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Thread: Setting up panels help

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    Exclamation Setting up panels help

    Hi, I'm Jason and I recently tried to set up a keyboard to be an easy to reach panel with functions like gear, flaps, lights and autopilot. I programmed it and everything seems to work except that when I press the key I assigned for 'localizer hold' thinking it was the one that you press when you want to follow your flight planned route the 'app' button switches on. I checked and the app button is assigned to a different key. I tried re assigning loc hold to a different key but it didn't work. I've tried switching from 'nav mode' to 'gps mode' still the same problem. Can anyone help. Also can you tell me if I am trying to assign the right button.



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    Have you considered ditching the keyboard solution and make up a switch panel using something like the Leo Bodnar board. It plugs into a USB socket and you can configure your switches and push buttons to your liking. Switches and buttons are more real than a keyboard.



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