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    prepar3d and what impacts it has on Flight, or is that forbidden here too?

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    As they're aimed at, and licenced for, completely different markets, what impact would there be? X-Plane would be a more relevant alternative to look at.

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    I've never understood (believed) the excuses, reasons, direction, etc that MS gave for Flight. I understand the direction, but I don't understand Flight's shortcomings (when compared to FS), or MS's silence on their road map.

    I've also seen a couple of times where users on MS boards and also non MS message boards are not allowed to discuss the agreement for prepar3d.

    Seems as though MS sold their "simulator", and now all MS can produce is a flying game. I wonder if somewhere within this agreement are the boundaries that will forever define/limit Flight's potential. This idea makes a lot of sense to me, and resolves a lot of loose ends for me.

    I'm also wondering how MS can force a non MS entity from posting speculation about the products MS creates and sells.

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    My understanding is that Microsoft licenced ESP (not FSX) to Lockheed-Martin for non-entertainment purposes. I also understand Microsoft could, if it wished, to develop any type of simulator for entertainment purposes. It chose Flight.

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    That all sounds pretty innocent. So what is the problem with discussing it?

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    You would need to ask the ones running the forums where the discussion is not allowed. In at least a couple of cases the reason is that the threads just end up falling off the rails.

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    P3D is a free for all. Flight is meant for professionally developed addons only.. that's my take. This is the same direction they are taking windows 8. You can't be a Metro App unless it's submitted and digitally signed by Microsoft. Even if you are just doing local development you still need MS to sign your target. Tough love but then again MS has to worry about Apple, if you want moddable stick to linux I guess.

    I hope that gives an idea of the same strategy used elsewhere.. don't mean to present any of this as fact, just personal observation. And trust me the complaints are already circulating with regards to Win8's approach

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    Quote Originally Posted by alaskancrab View Post
    P3D is a free for all.

    Not quite. Lockheed-Martin has said
    Prepar3D cannot be sold as a personal/consumer entertainment product, therefore addons created for such use would not be compatible with the EULA for the product. Even if your specific add-on allowed this, using the Prepar3D client in this manner would put the user in violation of the Prepar3D EULA.

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    See, this is why we don't have these discussions. A SUPER high percentage of the posts are filled with inaccuracies, half-truths, lies, etc. and then these get spread from forum to forum. If a majority of people actually knew what they were talking about, then maybe things would be different, but for now that is not the case. A few people do know (mgh being one of them), but not enough to have any sort of intelligent discussion.

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