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    Hi: I dont like this back and forward of the control panel. As told, went to Cameras.cfg and change, on MomentumEffect, the "Yes" for a "No". After that, I still have this back an forward of the control panel.
    Any help?
    Thanks and regards,

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    Hopefully, you changed (as I have done) the momentum effect in the CORRECT cameras.cfg; the one in the user's appdata folder tree (same folder as fsx.cfg) and not the backup version in the fsx installation folder.

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    Go to "C:\Users\**[your username]**\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX" - Open cameras.cfg change the value and save. Job done. Note you will need "Show hidden files and folders" switched on to see the AppData folder. Alternatively, you can type "%AppData%" into the vista/win7 start menu search to open the folder.

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    Lloyd and Rick: Thanks guys. This is something I have wondered about for quite awhile but never knew what to even search for. Worked great for me... hope Jose gets his straightened out, too. And thanks for your question!
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