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Thread: How To Edit Information of Any Airport, Like ILS Frequencies, Names, Headings, etc?.

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    Exclamation How To Edit Information of Any Airport, Like ILS Frequencies, Names, Headings, etc?.

    Hello Everyone!

    I have a small question, but complicated to ask actually.
    I added ILS systems to some airports around Spain who in real life didnt have it, because of the facility to land, and i even managed ATC to recognize them, so i can choose an ILS aporoach instead of only a VOR-DME or even only a Visual approach.
    My problem/question now is, as i added a new ILS with a new frequency, it doesnt show up in the traditional 'FS2004 Map', when you look into the airport information for a certain airport, to get the correct ILS frequencies.
    You see the name of the airport, the runway, the heading, but not the 'new frequency' for the ILS.

    Which file in the FS9 Folder gives access to this information to edit it, so i can manually add this frequencies?

    Or better:

    How can i edit this information within FS9, or do i need any external tool for that?
    (There's for example a name-failure for LPMA, it says 'Maderia'... I would like to change this, hehe)

    Thanks to each and everyone who could give me a hand in this peculiar problem.

    Co-Pilot Diego.

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    Your BGL file probably wasn't placed into an active scenery folder, or if it was, there is another airport file located in a higher scenery layer?
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    When you add an ILS to a runway it needs to be added to an approach layer in the scenery besides the 'visible' scenery layer in order to show in the FS map I believe.

    ADE9X installed for FS9 will add it to both object types when you add it.

    Unless changed, you can not delete in FS9 existing stock ILS's or change their idents, but you can modify ones you have added.

    Either you work with special full scenery design tools or ADE. AFCAD will not add them to the map and I'm not sure about AFX. ADE is freeware available from:

    It contains an airport editor with a visible view and an approach view. When you add an ILS it creates a default approach in the approach layer that you can modify.Navaids added here will also show on the default GPs as well.

    I believe you can also change the name of the airport as well. You then must install your scenery at a higher priority layer (lower numbers at the top of the scenery settings list) than the default.

    You can use just the afcad-like functions in ADE if you wish to accomplish your goals. First you import a stock or add-on, or create a new airport. You make your changes and save as a project so you can make further edits if necessary by opening the project. You then compile the project to a .bgl.

    If you just reopen a .bgl that you edited for further changes you'll lose some internal code ADE uses to describe objects so avoid opening .bgls that you edited in ADE. Work with projects.

    You can check if you open from a .bgl file from a developer looking at the approach editor view to see if the navaids show and default approaches exist. That will tell you if that phase was taken care of.
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    Thanks ronzie. I was allready thinking of a similar tool as ADE, but wasn't sure how-to-do-it. I'll give your instructions a try, and see if that works.
    Otherwise ill just stick with the old solution of locating the arrow on top of the ILS to see the corresponding frequencies.
    It's just a pity that this information is so hard-coded inside the .BGL files. This afternoon or tommorow afternoon i'll experiment with it, and i will report back ASAP.

    Co-Pilot Diego.

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    It is hard coded in the default APxxxx.bgl files. In FS9 some properties of a default ILS can be changed by putting the default (or someone else's afd) in a new ADE project, making your changes, save the project and then compile placing that new bgl at higher priority.

    ADE will also place those changes in the approach layer and now it should show on the FS map. AFCAD did not do that. I do not know if AFX does.

    Once learned ADE is a good tool to use.
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    If you require to add ILS frequencies there is a gauge called "RunwayInfo." which can be added to any panel. The ILS frequencies which you have added to several airports around spain can be added to the info in the gauge. This can then be displayed in your panel when required. The gauge can be obtained from the library.

    Hope this helps


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    Thanks so much, guys! You all have been of a great help!
    I've been trying around weeks ago with ADE, so it's time to restart. Thanks for that tool. Didnt know it was so
    Powerfull. And i knew also the RWY Gauge, but surely ill give that a try too.
    Again, thanks to all! Let's open up the Microsoft FS2004 Lab of Files once again, haha!
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    Have created ILSs for Madeira with bank approach to avoiding the mountains. Will attempt to attach the bgl. Just copy it to your Adon Scenery/Scenery folder. Enjoy. >>>>Regret the bgl did not attach - can email it to you.

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