Hello Everyone!

I have a small question, but complicated to ask actually.
I added ILS systems to some airports around Spain who in real life didnt have it, because of the facility to land, and i even managed ATC to recognize them, so i can choose an ILS aporoach instead of only a VOR-DME or even only a Visual approach.
My problem/question now is, as i added a new ILS with a new frequency, it doesnt show up in the traditional 'FS2004 Map', when you look into the airport information for a certain airport, to get the correct ILS frequencies.
You see the name of the airport, the runway, the heading, but not the 'new frequency' for the ILS.

Which file in the FS9 Folder gives access to this information to edit it, so i can manually add this frequencies?

Or better:

How can i edit this information within FS9, or do i need any external tool for that?
(There's for example a name-failure for LPMA, it says 'Maderia'... I would like to change this, hehe)

Thanks to each and everyone who could give me a hand in this peculiar problem.

Co-Pilot Diego.