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Thread: FSX radio communication between plane and control tower

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    Default FSX radio communication between plane and control tower

    I am having difficulty in understanding the radio procedure between the plane and control tower when getting instructions for take off and when in flight such as getting new directions to the VOR, for example FSX-Flight-Game Guide and Walkthrough, page Flight (9/22)
    1) Krakow Tower should tell us to contact the Departure on 121.075.

    2) When we are close to the Departure area border, we will be redirected to Warsaw Center on 127.450.

    3) To achieve it we rotate the course knob to make the course indicator arrow as solid as possible. It should indicate the course of about 250 degrees.

    4) When we cross the Polish – Czech border, we are instructed to contact the Prague Center on 118.375.

    These are examples of what Im struggling with.

    thanks in advance

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    I think you are confusing radio communication and radio navigation. If you have filed a flightplan you will be directed to an intercept course to your `red line` marked course to waypoint or destination. To do that you will change the radio frequencies from ground, to departure to a flight center, but those frequency changes are radio communication frequencies - and are easily managed by just using the ATC options,

    Obeying the ATC instruction does not have anything to do with flying a VOR radial via the course knob. In fact at that point in the flight you will be flying directly under ATC control and they will tell you the course to fly, a setting you achieve via the HEADING knob not the course knob.

    I think you are confusing lots of different facets of flying.

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