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Thread: Wanted - a nice new G-Max Beriev Be12P-200 for fs2004

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    Default Wanted - a nice new G-Max Beriev Be12P-200 for fs2004

    So what is a Be12p anyway? Well how about a fast Russian amphibious twin-turboprop gull-winged taildragger? interesting enough for you?
    There is one very good but outdated model of this in the files section (by Vladimir Zuhilisky), plus a repaint, new photoreal panel and upgraded flight dynamics (by me).
    This is an appeal to all those clever people out there to make a modern G-Max version of this interesting aircraft. I can help with sounds, panel and flight dynamics so you only need to do the actual visual model (and if you do - please remember to put the centre of the visual model where the centre of gravity is! (some people still put it in the middle of the shape instead). By the way to find the C/G, it should be about 25% back from the front of the mean chord of the wing. This can get complicated with swept wings, biplanes etc. but remember the C/G will always have to be just ahead of the mainwheels with a nosewheel type and just behind with a taildragger (very roughly 1 wheel diameter).
    Here's hoping some one will be inspired to make another one of these.

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    Anybody? Surely there must be someone?

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    I doubt are asking for someone to spend maybe a couple of thousand hours on something they're probably not interested enough in.

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    Pity because it is an unusual and very capable aircraft - water bomber maritine patrol etc and a nice change from the endless tube-with-wings airliners - another interesting aircraft is the Bartini-Bereiev Wa14 - google it folks!

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    Did you searched at

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    Sure. We'll hop right on that. Why, there's probably 15 or twenty on the go as we type.
    PS. Thanks for all the handy-dandy design tips.
    Why do you not take up your own challenge.
    Its not um-possible.
    A lot of the tools are free.
    I am getting some interesting things done in sketch up, exporting to FSDS for animations with MDLX V3xxx, and back to FSX via MDLX.
    Only had to buy FSDS.
    Nothing I'd release yet, or ever, dunno.
    But its not as hard as it was, and sketchup is a breeze to use, though it takes some skull sweat to use well.
    A few folks are getting some surprisingly involved models out that way.
    There is also blender- freeware, reputedly easy to use. These tools are powerful and flexible, and the learning curve is nothing like GMAX's north face of the eiger.
    No boolean hexiframmulation algorithms, just start drawing and carving, surprisingly like scratch building in plastic or wood, but not really, because you are working with triangles.
    Animation is just learning the steps and poking the right button.
    For instance: A typical FSDS sequence.
    Select part. Join all. select animate. select animation name. advance frame, set translation/rotation. set keyframe. repeat as required. Deselect animate, save and export.
    And that's it. Window style toolbars, No excuse any more not to wade into 3d modeling.
    A modern BE-12 would be nice, though I am on a total boycott of all things russian.
    FSX, though, not 2004. New hardware, and sooner or latter, P3D looks to bid fair to supplant trusty old X. Its shaping up as the FSXI/FSXII by any other name.
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    Thanks Luen - did that but nothing except what is already here.

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