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Thread: Malaysia Virtual Airlines is now hiring active pilots.

  1. Default Malaysia Virtual Airlines is now hiring active pilots.

    Hi everybody,
    Malaysia Virtual Airlines is now hiring active pilots from its hub in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our routes cover Oceania, Asia and America. We have a fleet of B744s, B772s, B738s, A333 and A332. We can fly on the SimMiles or VATSim networks. We are aggressively expanding.

    As a Malaysia Virtual Airline pilot, you will experience airline simulation like nowhere else. Our airline simulation system simulates fuel consumption, aircraft maintenance expenses, salaries and service expenses for each individual flight. As our pilot, you will receive a percentage of the flight revenues as your virtual salary for every virtual airline flight that you complete. This virtual salary will depend on the size of the aircraft, the number of passengers on the flight, the route competition by other virtual airlines and the distance of the flight. You will then be able to log into the airline's pilot account on the SimMiles website to use your money to buy aircraft ratings and living accomodations in the city that you are currently in. Then when you do a virtual airline flight with an aircraft that you have a rating on or fly to an airport that you have a property at, you will receive bonuses for these flights. It is the role of the management of Malaysia Virtual Airlines to make sure that all of the flights on the PIREP system have the highest profit margins, and it is your role as our pilot to pick the flights that will make you the most money.

    We use an advanced PIREP system that has an online flight tracker, realistic fleet scheduling and dispatch center.

    To join our airline, please click on the URL for an application.

    Looking forward to flying with you and happy landings.

    Andrew Thomas
    President and CEO
    Malaysia Virtual Airlines

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    You will have tough competition from, My one. We also have up to date schedules. Just so you know, but good luck.
    Daniel Counahan
    CEO of MVA

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