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Thread: Performance new site

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    Thanks for the great fix up you guys did. Looking good from my point of view today. Everything seems to be running great.

    Don R

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    I spoke too soon! It just took several minutes for the home page to load, and I couldn't get the latest files page to load at all. At least this forum page came right up...

    I don't mean to keep complaining - I understand that there are issues with the new system, and that the guys are working hard. I just mean to give heads ups on how it looks from the outside as the process develops.

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    Home page is slow right now the rest of the site should be good.. we are working on the homepage now.
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    I kept getting a lot of "Internet Explorer cannot open this page" messages yesterday as i hopped around the site, but haven't had a single one today and now the site is quick and slick, much faster than the old one..

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    Today 5/11/2012 The site is SMOKIN' today! Good job on tweakin' the server! Just like the good ole' CB days.....Tweaked, Peaked, and Freq'd
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