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Thread: Performance new site

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    Default Sooooo Slooooow

    A bigger hammer might do the trick!
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    ZZzzzz.....ZZZzzzz! Huh? I'm awake and I only fell asleep waiting for this site to wake up! Time to light a fire under your IT guys!
    Slow, Slower, Slowest.... But other than that the new site is fine.

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    Default Performance issue

    I guess from what I have seen I am not the only one who is having problems with the new site setup. I see the hour glass more than I do the pages I am looking for.

    I just about gave up trying to look for new additions. It seems very slow to even connect at the beginning of the search.

    The format looks good but I would rather have the other setup that I can navigate through the new planes and the forums.

    Don R

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    I'm sure the admin and technical guys are all aware of the performance issues with the new site and I'm sure they'll eventually find a solution.

    However, as things stand at present, load-up times of 30 secs to 2 minutes per page are a deal-breaker and render the site unusable. I'll be taking a holiday from FlightSim for a few days and will check back every so often to see how things are developing.

    Like others, once the site becomes usable again I'll be back as regularly as before. But that won't happen until the site achieves satisfactory load-up times.

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    Tell the Boss to check his "Contact Us" messages, I have sent him the simple fix to these delays and server load problem they are having. (I think, lol)

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    Talking Old Father Time

    It has taken 7.5 minutes to get to the stage of writing this. At this "lightning" speed it will take me a week just to read the forums.

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    i am also getting excessive long response times. Sorry to see this site having problems. The previous setup was much better in my humble opinion. I liked the direct and exclusive connection to the specific area. Having multiple areas on the same page just wastes page space. I much prefer selecting a specific topic and just seeing that. Having forum comments on the same page as the file library items just creates clutter.

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    Well my as well add my 10cents, adjusted for inflation. It takes a while for old dogs like me to change anything or get used to anything new(cept for airplanes) if it aint broke......Nels, the new site is slick, icons are nice and colors are pleasant but, man why did you use my old 8086 as your server, I know times are tough an all.... Seriousily, I'm sorry you are having this problem with the new setup but slap those IT guys around a bit and it will speed up like magic. If ah you wanna some ah help I'll give Rocco a call.


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    By the time the server engineers get finished, your page will look
    like it was shot out of the google potato cannon!
    They are still working feverishly!

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    Thanks for the reply and encouragement Rick

    Don R

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