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Thread: Performance new site

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    Extremely slow today 5/10/2012. I think the server is getting ready to crash again!

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    I have changed my mind, the performance is dismal, I must have been lucky before, but today it has taken an age to load the website.
    Quote Originally Posted by PAULCRAIG View Post
    Performance is fine with me !! maybe it depends on what web browser is being used, Im using IE9.

    As for the new layout, I think it is great.

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    Performance awful that needs attention.....Extremely slow!

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    I hope you're right, but as it stands now, the situation is getting significantly worse every day. The day before yesterday the file library pages loaded extremely slowly. Yesterday it was much worse. Today it was much worse than that, and now it's the home page and the forum pages as well as the file library pages. I use Firefox 12, the latest version of a very common browser, in Windows 7 Pro, a very common OS.

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    OK, last attempt. I tried to post a message to say that the dat efore yesterday the file library pages loaded extremely slowly; yesterday was much worse, and today much worse than that. And today it's not just the file library pages; it's also the home page and the forum pages. When I tried to post I got a Server Error page. When I hit the refresh button, I got a message that my post was a duplicate of one that had appeared within the past five minutes (though it took more than five minutes for the error page to load.) In fact, neither the original message nor the supposed duplicate appeared in the forum. I know you guys are doing your best, but the situation is rapidly going from very bad to much worse.

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    What did you guys do to this site???extremely s l o w loading times and before this upgrade...NEVER had a problem with this site...I have a first class membership and if this terrible loading time continues....I'll say goodbye....why change something that always worked well????just don't understand

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScatterbrainKid View Post
    Hmm the site's been been glitching for me today, I keep getting too many messages saying "Internet Explorer cannot open this webpage" as I move around the threads, it was ok yesterday
    I'm afraid I'd have to agree with the above. This is my first day on the newly revamped site and the experience is distinctly underwhelming. I'm getting the same "Internet Explorer cannot open this webpage" messages and it can take minutes to load pages when it's possible at all. Hope the tweaking of the servers gets sorted pretty soon. I know IE8 isn't the fastest browser in the world but I've never had the slightest problem downloading before.
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    Sorry Guys, but whatever you've done to the site just hasn't worked. I know that I live in a rural part of the UK without "fibre optics" and "Superfast Broadband" but other sites load within 1-2 seconds - currently takes from 5-15 MINUTES. You've not just dropped out of the "top ten", you've fallen off the radar.

    I might come back - when I've an hour or two to spare.


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    In one word: horrible.

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    Performance awful! w/Windows 7 and 4G connection took over 3 min to deliver an error message. Not worth the time and effort to occasionally get connected to the new webpage. Beautiful layout is destroyed by terrible performance.

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