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Thread: Performance new site

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    I like the design of the new site, the performance is very bad.
    At the time of posting this message (21:30 CET) it takes about 10-15 sec for each forum page to load,
    the front page even longer.
    Initially I thought it was my connection, but all other sites just respond within a sec.


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    Please don't get too hung up over the current performance. The servers are still being tweaked and any problems with speed are only temporary.

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    That is good to hear Nels.

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    Performance is very bad. Not sure layout is any better. Best FSX website Bar NONE! I will keep the faith.

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    By the time the server engineers get finished, your page will look
    like it was shot out of the google potato(e) cannon!

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    Ohhh! This is new, a message that says server is not responding. That was this morning, now it is quite slow. I am surprised I finally got in. Regarding appearance it is different but not better. Regarding functionality at present it is broken.

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    Performance is fine with me !! maybe it depends on what web browser is being used, Im using IE9.

    As for the new layout, I think it is great.

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    Hmm the site's been been glitching for me today, I keep getting too many messages saying "Internet Explorer cannot open this webpage" as I move around the threads, it was ok yesterday

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    The day before yesterday, when I went to look at the new files listing, the pages loaded very slowly. Yesterday they loaded significantly more slowly. Today the loading was absolutely glacial. The situation has gone from very bad to even worse to much worse than that. I use Firefox v12, the latest version of a very common browser, running in Windows 7 Pro.

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    Indeed .. new design but bad performance (so far) when compared with the old design performace ..
    Hope this will be corrected ASAP !

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