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    Goodday, Anyone know if you can run both fs2004 and fxs on the same computor without corrupting the other files. And how do you install same. Thankyou

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    Yes I have beenn running FSX and FS2004 on the same computer for years I also have combat flightsim 2 on there as well
    another nice thing is since most scenery is compatable, you don't have to install it twice just point to the scenery in fs2004 and run it in fsx not all sceneries work but the ones that do will save you space.

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    Two points.

    If you are using Vista or Win7 you may want to point the installers away from the default install location. Windows adds extra protection to the Program Files folders that can make customizing your FS a bit frustrating. Better to create new folders, C:\FSX and/or C:\FS9, and point the installers there.

    The biggest issue with running both sims on one computer only pops up if you uninstall FSX from a computer that has FS9 on it. The FSX uninstaller will torch the registry entry for FS9 and there is a great tool to fix that, you just need to be aware of it.

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