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Thread: Using AITM for WOAI flight plans..

  1. Question Using AITM for WOAI flight plans..

    Is there a way to use AITMv2 to open/view WOAI flight plans (flightplans.txt??).

    I wonder if AITMv2 will recognize the file. It should be a.txt file right?


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    You have to decompile the flight plan .BGL file into the three .TXT files. Then you can move them to the AITM working folder.
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    BTW in the AITM "tools" menu is an entry for decompile flightplan(s) which will run "traffic tools" for you to do this.

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    I want to mention two things about AITM.

    Thomas never completed updating the program to be fully compliant with FS2004. I've not found any issues, but I remember Thomas' post when he abandoned the project of updating.

    As far as decompiling flight plans - make sure the flightplans are in FS9 format. AITM won't understand any flight plans you've converted to FSX format.
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    @ PawPaw's house - near KADS, Addison, Texas, USA

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    Good info as I would like to know if there is a utility that will decompile/compile FSX TRAFFIC bgl's, as easily as TTools did it for FS9?

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    AI Flight Planner by Don Grovestine.

    Frankly, you should completely forget TTools. Lee never completed fully updating it for FS2004 - and it produces some errors when it compiles traffic files.

    Don started from scratch with working on FSX traffic files, and received quite a bit of help and advice from Lee Swordy while developing AIFP. It is a worth successor to TTools, and includes several additional features which AITM never developed. It also can be used like the old MRAI Compiler to add AI aircraft to your FS.

    It works perfectly with FS2004 and FSX, and can automatically convert FS2004 airport ICAO codes into the updated FSX ICAO codes.

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    Thank you Reggie. Just what I needed to know.

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    That's FANTASTIC news Reggie! Thanks!Now where can I download this program? Is it on Flightsim or Avsim?


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