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Thread: Textures in Fs2004

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    Default Textures in Fs2004

    Hello everyone

    I want to improve the textures of Fs2004. I know it´s an old game if you compare it with fsx and I will have limitations. I have REX for fs2004 and the cloud and sky look real but i want to focus on ground textures which I want to improve since the ground textures of FS2004 are bad. I have ground environment Pro but what I want to improve is forests, fields, mesh... What addons do you recommend me? FS GENESIS for Europe? I fly on Europe.

    In the other hand, I have noticed that I have blurry textures in the distance, specially in the water. How can I improve that?

    Thanks in advance

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    Forests and fields--Landclass from FS Genesis

    Mesh-- FS Genesis

    Distance blurry is normal-- reduce your weather visibility.

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    Thank you for your support

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