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Thread: Updates to my flight deck

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    Default Updates to my flight deck

    The full site can be seen on my blog at:

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    Very nice....the 7in touch screen you are using....does it just plug into the computer via USB? or do you have to hook it up to your video card?

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    Yes to both. I use the second video output port, and a USB port. It also has a power adapter that plugs provides additional power for the display. The monitor was just $125 and an excellent value.
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    Hey gwplotts...I got this response from the company:
    Yes, the VM70 and all of our touch screen monitors work through the USB port (for the touch screen). However, the video is through the VGA port

    So, am I right in saying that if I plug the unit into a USB port I won't see anything on-screen until I plug the unit into my vga port on my graphics card as well? Just want to make sure before I order it...only have 1 VGA port on my computer

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    100% right. Like many external videos displays they require a vga input. There are some usb->vga adaptors that I've seen on amazon, but I'm not sure how they work or if they'd work in FS. BTW, I run full screen not windowed mode and have to click and drag the gps to my touchscreen display and resize it there. After that I don't touch mouse or keyboard until I exit fsx.

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