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Thread: How do you keep FSX interesting?

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    yes, there is times when it feels like real work.. but I actually feel that.. it makes it real.. there is a great online group that I fly with a lot during the week to break things up a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uriahms View Post
    ...I also try different addons. FSPassangers was a delight. Then learning sophisticated payware airliners like PMDG 747, Wilco feelthere A320, Level-D 767. However I find these eventually get boring and it's back to the basics of simulating real world airline flights.
    Hmmm...sounds familiar to me. I was engrossed e.g. in JF Air Hauler because it promised hours and hours of fun, which it delivered too, but within a week, I was back to replicating Flightaware real-life flight-plans with a correct model of the flying aircraft...often simultaneously to see who gets at the destination first...

    Folks: Interesting thread going here...
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    I am using it to practice basic flying skills and such. I picked up a copy of "Microsoft® Flight Simulator as a Training Aid" by Bruce Williams. Really good information about using it as a training aid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simmerdr View Post
    ...replicating Flightaware real-life flight-plans with a correct model of the flying aircraft...often simultaneously to see who gets at the destination first...
    I've tried that too! The real world guys were always sitting in the pilot's lounge working on their 2nd gin & tonic by the time I got there . Didn't seem to matter what I did, I couldn't keep up with 'em, lol.


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    I reckon you can basically do anything you, imagination is the limit sometimes, well not always sometimes FSX has some slowdown points.

    To keep it interesting I use it to get to know different aeroplanes, from heavy metal jets to light fabric aeroplanes. A VC is mandatory for me as is REX Weather.

    I like to explore the FSX world, and there are always surprises in store for different airports around the world, designers little touches and special finds like that. I am also member of a VA and do a bit of hauling in the DC-3 with them but flexibly.

    I find the sim a really great way to explore the history of aeroplanes and different eras so you add to your knowledge of some types and enjoy flying them, some of course, the slow ones your glad to move on from.

    My recent bit of fun was to use the GPS and Dead Reckoning nav to take the KBT P-3 down to Macquarie Island in the Southern Ocean departing from Hobart then back to Invercargill on New Zealand's south island, yep it was there and pretty much like the real thing, had great fun and that was a long overwater flight with little inbetween.

    Before such flights or flying in different countries I will add to my scenery library and improve stuff as much as I can either freeware or payware and generally improve the experience. My favourite places at the moment -Australia, Japan, Pacific Region and now New Zealand. Sure is a lot of the world to explore. Maybe South America next.

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    If you really want to freshen the game up, I suggest getting a 3D projector. I lost interest in the Flight Sims for a few years, but now with a 106" 3D setup (and now there are better scenery packs), I'm going to be setting up some cool 3D stuff.

    Flying in the mountains in 3D with the right scenery pack on a projector cannot be beat, it GETS very CLOSE to the real thing.

    For those that can afford to do it (actually it's not nearly as expensive as people think), you can get setup for under $800 on the lowest budgets with 720p 3D. I actually fly in 1080p/24hz and 720p too (well I haven't decided for sure what my final res will be). I've mostly been playing fS 2004 because I lost my FSX disk to reinstall, but a new one is coming on Friday.

    I now have to figure what all the best scenery packs are, I have budgeted about $200 for scenery packs, so we'll see how it works out.

    I will say this, 3D not only makes it much more realistic, but it also increases the perceivable quality of textures, because 3D has an intrinsic anti-aliasing effect to it that is much stronger than normal algorithms. In the end, graphics look better in 3D and it's far more immersive and realistic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fritzgohl View Post
    VATSIM or IVAO keep it fresh, and my newest fun is live streaming the game
    What exactly is live streaming?

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    Quote Originally Posted by spartan0536 View Post
    I use FSPassengers X and lots of Payware and Freeware aircraft. I have my own Virtual Airline (Turboprop Regional) and as the name says its all turboprop and its regional (Mainland US South East). Using this combination with REX, GEX, UTX, and FS Global Ultimate I get different weather patters every time I fly, plus the graphics are stunning, and I fly to over 40 different airports from municipals to internationals.
    you have a website for you VA? I would like to see what you do.. sounds very good.

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    Fly IFR using published SIDs and STARs. They can be really challenging and very satisfying to get right. I landed at KSFO today in zero visbility and taxied to the gate using the airport chart. I use REX generated weather too and using an approach plate in poor visibilty certainly keeps things interesting. I am considering Radar Contact too but need to learn more first.


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    Using the ultralight or helicopter
    Airport heading flight time
    HEEM 200 6 min
    LLJR 162 4 min
    LXGB 138 1 min
    VIAG 74 4.5 min
    LIRU 184 3 min
    KIAG 253 5 min
    KRAP 233 19 min
    LFPB 222 10 min
    LIRP 8 3 min
    KDCA 322 1 min
    61B 47 5 min

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