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Thread: Problems combining C++ Header with C example code

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    Default Problems combining C++ Header with C example code


    my name is Matthias and I'm trying to build a little simplified version of a hardware ATR72 cockpit. I would like to switch LEDs on the panel in correlation to the status of the FS2004 panel system, so I need to read the data from the software (I'm using a commercial ATR72 add on aircraft).
    The good news is that the developer of that aircraft allowed me to use a C++ header file which defines all panel variables and was specially written to allow an access. The bad news is that I know a good amount of Delphi, but my C programming skills are very bad (just like my English ?!).
    I tried to combine the C++ Header file with some example programs from the FS2004 panel SDK and with fs2004menu (a small dll example which generates an entry in FS2004 main menu bar), compiled with Visual C 2008 Express, but those examples are written in C, and the ATR header file makes heavy use of the type 'bool', so it must be a C++ file.
    How can I bring it together ?
    Are there code examples in FS2004 programming in C++ ?
    I'm afraid without help or working example code I will never solve this problem ...


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    Much as it pains me to admit this, but you will most likely find a C/C++ program who can help you faster at either FS-Developer ( or the AVSIM dedicated panel/gauge design forum.
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    Thank you very much, I will try it.

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