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Thread: FSX Fatal error, No fix...

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    Default FSX Fatal error, No fix...

    I am Running Win7 Home Premium 64-bit and becoming extremely frustrated at FSX as about five minutes into every flight I click on the menu bar and FSX freezes and crashes to the desktop. I have tried UIAutomationcore.dll, I have tried running FSX in compatibility mode with XP SP2+3, I have tried Re-Installing MSFSX, I have tried Security setting changes and now I can't Re-Install FSX again as I have (Legitimately) Reached the registration limit. I am aware of the crack and it doesn't work for me... Is there any possible solution or am I going to have to throw my computer? I can't install an earlier OS as my GIBABYTE Motherboard won't be compatible, so, I am stumped. I now have no Idea what to do. If it helps here are the specs for the PC I'm running (Homebuilt):

    AMD Llano A8-3870k Quad core @ 3.2GHz
    1x AMD Radeon HD 6550.0
    6 GB Coarsair DDR3 Dual-Channel RAM
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

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    Maybe there is a conflict?
    Try using this tool: download the FSX/FS9 Registry Repair Tool.
    and, if it doesnt work, a registry cleaner. Also, you should try reinstalling fsx from scratch, I mean, first uninstall it, delete any files associated to it, and istall it again. Are you using a legal copy of fsx or a downloaded one? Im asking because I know downloaded copies might just not work.

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    Oops, you tried that. Sorry
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    Try this
    I have been experiencing that same problem. I did a little research and tried this. It has been working great for me so far.

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    Sorry, I tried that. Several times to no avail...

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    Very strange,

    Did you install FSX outside the default Windows 7 programs X86 folder to avoid UAC problems?

    Do you have the latest FSUIPC v.4 ?

    I think you must contact Microsoft for the registration issue.
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    I think FSUIPC Caused the issue because I've just completely Re-installed FS without and theres no crashes so far, I will report back if there is...

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    I tried what the guy said to do but it caused me more grief.. Infact FSX wouldn't even start & I got Fatal Error right from the start as well as it affected some of my 3rd party scenery from FSDT..

    So doing what he tells you to do at the end doesn't help.. Now if you just put the aiautomationcore.dll just in fsx & let it sit there, it won't hurt it but doing what the guys says to do near the end of the video really messes with 3rd party software.. Can't put it in Service pack 2 mode..

    I get the fatal error alot during flights when switching from different views through the top menu selection screen, if I do it enough times through the flight eventually it freezes then kicks you off & restarts FSX.. We all should be able to switch views as often as we want or need too without worring about it going to kick us off...
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    how do you get FSUIPC off without redoing FSX.. I got alot of scenery & planes on mine & don't really want to uninstall everything to do all over if I can have quick way of taking FSUIPC off by itself & do we really even need FSUIPC on there anyway ?? I'm not paying for it.. I don't even really know what its there for anyway...

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    FSUIPC allows programs that run outside of FSX to access the data inside FSX. A number of third party add-ons use it. You can remove it if none of your add-ons utilize it.

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