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Thread: FSX 2D combined widescreen pilot and copilot panels and view reset functionality

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    Question FSX 2D combined widescreen pilot and copilot panels and view reset functionality

    I have recently produced and published a panel configuration that allows use of the complete combined pilot and copilot panel spread over two widescreen displays. So getting your combined pilot and copilot panel spread over a 3840 x 1204. The setup was as follows
    Window00=Not in use
    Window01=Overhead Panel
    Window05=Options Panel
    Window06=CAP Panel
    Window07=Captain Main Instrument Panel
    Window08=Captains instrument panel
    Window09=First Officer Main Instrument Panel
    Window10=First Officer instrument panel

    Problem I encounter now is that when first starting up the aircraft the panel the eye reference point will be as defined in the
    VIEW_FORWARD_DIR=3.000, 0.000, 7.000 position. Here the 7 drg is to enable the pilot to see the runway centerline.

    When you now however switch to the VC cockpit and pan around and subsequently hit the keyboard spacebar view “reset” function and return to the 2D flightdeck display the eye reference point will be in the complete center of the flightdeck. So you lose all your VIEW_FORWARD_DIR initial settings. This is not the case when using the same setup in FS9. So I wonder is there anybody having a solution for this phenomenon for me.

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    This is a bug in FSX. The workaround is to create your own VC Camera View in the aircraft.cfg file and use that instead of the default VC view. It will properly reset when you press the view reset keys.

    Hope this helps,
    Tom Gibson

    CalClassic Propliner Page:

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    I shift the middle window bezel a bit to have runway view..

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