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Thread: FSMPA's Extreme Airports Spring Fling 2012 has drawn to a close

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    Cool FSMPA's Extreme Airports Spring Fling 2012 has drawn to a close

    Any participants that have not yet been able to complete all of the flights may carry on as time allows you.

    Mike is currently on the road and we'll let him make whatever possible extension to the deadline he sees fit upon his return.


    I'm confident all will agree that this has been a truly great event ... one that should be considered for a possible repeat.

    Due to time restraints the majority of the membership is apparently trending away from the monthly "Live" events.

    These are what our forum was built upon, but real life has to take precedence making this type event difficult to join.

    With this in mind, you may look towards more of the events we promote and create to be virtual (as time allows).

    Of course the nature of some events will still necessitate live participation so look for a mix of both.

    Carry on with your Spring Fling effort and when Mike returns he will post any deadline extension and final results.

    We appreciate everyone's participation and support!


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    Default Final Results Extreme Airports Spring Fling 2012

    As Austin mentioned, the event has now come to a close. Below are the scores for Set 4 and the overall rankings.

    Set 4 scores...
    Flight 15 - Salt Air
    Flight 16 - Salt Air/N3306TX
    Flight 17 - Wombat
    Flight 18 - Salt Air

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ExtremeAirportSet4Scores (Large) (2).jpg 
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    The scoring of this event was not about who was fastest or slowest, but who came closest to the average flight times for each flight. Then these 18 flight time averages were averaged to come up with a final average flight time for all flights of 53 minutes and 10 seconds. Everyone that finished all 18 flights averaged less than 4 minutes difference from the averages of all 18 flights, considering we flew many different planes...some faster, some slower for each of the flights. All pilots should be commended for their great airmanship and navigation skills used during the course of this event.

    Name:  ExtremeAirportsOverallScores.jpg
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    Congratulations WOMBAT! With only 30 seconds difference of the average of all 18 extreme airport flights AND not one crash, this is a well deserved win. Good job.

    I hope everyone enjoyed flying these flights as much as I enjoyed putting them together.

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    Wow! I did not expect to do this well in this event. I had a ton of fun flying all the different planes and approaches that Mike picked out. This type of flying is a big departure from my usual jump in and follow a river or road barely above the trees. I'd like to thank Mike once again for putting together such a well thought out, planned, and presented event. It definitely raises the bar for future events. I'd also like to thank all the pilots that flew both faster and slower than I did, I really couldn't have done it without your help in shifting the bell curve in my favor

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    Cool Well Done!

    Congratulations Ed!

    Man ... we need to change your moniker to WombatWon.


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    Well done Ed! Wish I had more time... my turn is coming

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    yes, outstanding event!
    Great selection of flights, wide variety of planes, awesome documentation.
    I'll surely finish the flights, at my pace.

    Actually, Mike, could you please post the flight descriptions to the library?
    I'm sure other pilots will be interested in flying these well-documented adventures !
    It would be a pity to loose this resource to the oblivion of the forum.

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    Yes, congratulations Ed!! Once again you’ve set the bar high for us all!

    And congratulations to all that pilots who flew the missions, and to Mike, who put all these flights together with great detail for proper procedure.

    What a great variety of flight plans, aircraft, and airports!

    It had me dusting off and shinning up some aircraft I've not flown for a longer period than I'd realized.

    I found myself trying to fly a 747 with a DC-3 mentality.

    Two seconds Salt, what took you so long? LOL

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