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Thread: Nvidia inspector + anisotropic filtering

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    Default Nvidia inspector + anisotropic filtering

    I was recently experimenting with Anisotropic filtering settings, and noticed that when I switch the in-game setting to "none", I get a shimmering mess, despite setting it to 16x in Inspector. With AF set to "anisotropic" in-game, there is absolutely no difference in visual quality between AF set to "off" in Inspector , and AF set to 16x in Inspector. I know that inspector works, since I use it to control the anti-aliasing, so does anyone have any idea what's going on here?
    I was using the new 301 drivers, so I uninstalled them, did a driver sweep and then did a clean install of the 275.33 drivers, but to no avail. My graphics card is an Nvidia 450gts.

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    I have always used Inspector to control anti-aliasing and ansiotropic with the ingame set to trilinear with good results.
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    I use these settings:
    And have my ingame set to trilinear and no anti-aliasing. Works great for me.

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    I can't complain about the quality of the visuals, I just don't understand why there is no difference in visual quality between AF 16x and AF off in inspector. I also can't figure out why, if Inspector is controlling the settings, you need to switch on AF in the game at all. While searching for a solution, I did discover that setting AF to Application controlled means that I don't lose half my FPS when switching to 2x water. Since the only effect that Inspector AF has on my system is to mess up my FPS, without improving the visuals, I'll stick to the in game AF.

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    Look here for the final FSX tuning, everything you need to know about FSX hardware and software, Nvdia Inspector included :
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