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    Designed my own Airport, which ended up far too big for its own good (Some 300-400 gates, now demolished and made into a Hotel Park), so ive not deleted it completley but made a smaller airport just too the south,
    The original was a 4 runway system (takeoff being inside the landing runways) i moved the two inner runways south with the new airport and kept the landing runways where they were originally in the view that they would be closed and there just for prosperity.

    However, the new airport has become quiet busy with the number of flights ive been adding, therefore i connected the old runways and set them to landing and altered the new airport runways to takeoff.

    The problem being that all flights bypass the old runways and still land at the new airport. Im assuming that FSX requires all runways to be parralel and not off in the distance, would be grateful if this can be clarrified or a workaround be posted.

    A pic of my airport below (and yes the original airport does look like summet out of Star Wars, that was never intentional it just happened to be).

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    Just to let you know ive been able to solve my problem,

    Ive moved the landing runways further in (reducing distance between themselves not between them and new airport) and started from scratch with the ILS and approaches.

    As you can see with the following pics, AI flights are now using the correct runways.

    Thanks for all the views.


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