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Thread: Scenery Request (FSX) KSMF - Sacramento International Airport

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    Hello all,

    I am openly submitting a request for scenery designers who may be looking for a new project to take on. KSMF (Sacramento International Airport) has undergone significant changes over the past few years including changes of taxiways, demolition of an old terminal and hotel, building of a new terminal hub with tram to a secondary terminal area as well as changes in parking just to name a few. Unfortunately it hasn't been a project much tackled by FSX enthusiasts. There are a few well done AFCAD's as they pertained to repairing the ILS and appropriating some of the aircraft parking, however these are in themselves significantly outdated. There was an excellent project done by David Biggar, however it was done for FS9 and doesn't play nice with FSX. Biggar's project too has become outdated with the recent construction. Anyway, I am just looking for some accuracy in an AFCAD. A grand scenery project would be great, but I know that is time consuming as well. I have sat down and attempted to play with the AFCAD's, however I find myself messing up more than I repair. I have also contacted a few very talented AFCAD designers out there, but they are unable to take on the project. As I was saying, I am looking for taxiway repair, addition of new buildings with removal of the old. They do not necessarily need to be custom buildings, just something that represents the new feel of the airport. With this, it would be great to have accurate airline parking as well for third party AI add on's. Below I have attached an ADE image of the default field (current AFCAD's do not reflect many changes from the default), as well as a google earth image of how the field looks now. If anyone is interested in the project, I would be very grateful, as well as it would be doing the community a service by updating a sorely outdated field in FSX. Thank you in advance to anyone who may embark on the challenge.

    Thank you,
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    I will be glad to do it if you could please send me an email at [email protected] with all these pictures and more (if you have them) as well as some things that you would like to see and i will get right on it.

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