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Thread: Fs2004 FDSFX Sound Panel

  1. Default Fs2004 FDSFX Sound Panel

    I have installed this panel and when i test the sound files outsode of FS, all ok.

    Panel loads fine in FS but when i press the buttons no sound/announcments can be heard.

    Gauges are in Gauges FS main file.

    Sound file is in Sound FS main file.

    When i mover the mouse cursor over the panel buttons it states "file not found".

    I have right cliecked and fair enough the FDSFX sound files are not allocated. So i select the correct sound file and press "select".

    Still nothing.

    Anybody else had this issue ?

    Any help appreciated.


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    I would first suspect the gauge and/or sound files aren't where they should be. Double check the install paths, perhaps they belong in a subfolder of gauges or sound, not in the main folder.

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    I have re-checked the installation many times over and it just does not seem to work.

    Anybody out there using this panel and having this issue?

    I am running W7 64bit and FS2004.



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    I vaguely remember an issue I had a number of years ago. Either 1) the command line in the panel.cfg had the incorrect sound file name, or 2) the sound file name was incorrect. If memory serves, the first couple of letters were different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdlangford View Post
    Sound file is in Sound FS main file.
    Try putting the sound files inside a directory called fdsfx inside the sound directory of your Flight Simulator folder. Usually this would be C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\FS9\sound\fdsfx .

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