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Thread: Hit 700,000 Today.

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    Default Hit 700,000 Today.

    How's everyone else doing?

    Or do you bother looking at the points?

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    447,682 for me so far. That's not likely to climb very quickly until there's some new scenery. I'm all Hawai'ied out. — Bob

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    I don't bother. I prefer free flight.

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    My game tag is BlackhawkWilly7...just went over a million points today. You get many more points for not skipping to any waypoints during a mission. Try flying at night...automatic 500 extra points. Flying without skipping also adds to your flight hours and mileage...skipping does not. Wish they would add more levels beyond 20. Would like to see missions without waypoint skipping...much more realistic...Oh, and with changing and real world weather added. This can be a great game...just needs some refinement here and there.

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    Clandestine Missions don't have the option for waypoint skipping, but there aren't many of them -- have to hunt for them airfield by airfield. I've found that if you avoid the direct route from A to B, you can avoid the patrols. Just go 90 deg off course for 5-10 min, then parallel the course for most of the way.

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