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Thread: KRNT to KCRQ King Air 350

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    Quote Originally Posted by HARDCUB2BEAT View Post
    Great set of pictures for this flight!

    Thank you you're very kind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperEagle116 View Post
    Yeah, those are some great prices, but notice how slight the differences are between them and how large the price difference. Also, I'll bet most of them that say "Inquire" are probably not air worthy or require some kind of overhaul as a condition of purchase.

    Also, yeah, fuel is main part of it. Even if by some great luck you manage to win a Lear 35, 45, G550 or G650, you'd never be able to fly it or even pay to keep it on a ramp or in a hangar. It would be like buying a car every time you fly it.

    There are so many expenses to consider when contemplating the purchase of an aircraft. I mean, if you can't afford a surprise car repair of $500. What are you gunna do when your plane unexpectedly requires a $10k+ repair?

    Ramp Fees, fuel fees, annual registration, tires, I mean the list goes on and on. It's like maintaining a car with way more 0s in the expense report.
    These are all things that are on my mind. Regarding car repairs, I dropped $5,000 I think six months ago, it was painful but I didn't have much choice. Before the start of the long series of recessions I was considering buying a Ferrari. The transmission drive shaft for a 308 is, now I can't renumber, $4,200? For the part. The tuneup/service is $6,000? But that's better than the 355, if you need to change the timing belt, it is $2.500 to drop the engine down just to get access to it! The Testarossa is a sweet ride however, common bills are, $12,000, that was 12 years ago. Around $12,000 for the 30/60K service including replacing the soft clutch. Good news however, changing the 308 clutch is cheaper than a Honda's! Right on! High five! Porsche Boxters.... bad news, several people I've known have cracked the heads, $12K to $18K. One guy on youtube did it for $3.500 (Boxter S), it's a good video, he had to build one or two tools himself. I told my Ferrari dealer friend, I finally found something more expensive to maintain than a Ferrari, $50K/year operating cost for a King Air, $100K/year for a Learjet. Ouch! Yeah, filling it up is like buying a new car! I'm going to try the simulated Lear 45XR and see if the better engine management is reflected in the simulation at all.

    Nevertheless there must be a way. For example my computer costs have been a net profit instead of an expense. Although I have to get a laptop soon and build a new FSX computer eek! I once had an AP mechanic that offered to do repairs for free, hasn't been talking to me lately, doesn't like my car for one thing.

    I really appreciate the feedback.
    68,000 lbs of thrust..... "Excellent!" --Montgomery Burns, Simpsons tv show

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    I am a student at KCRQ. Are there any downloads for FSX for this airport?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jconway2002 View Post
    I am a student at KCRQ. Are there any downloads for FSX for this airport?
    I looked in our file library here at fscom and didn't find anything, nothing at either.

    What are you studying there? What is it like? Is it congested in Carlsbad? Bump into the Bond girl? Air pollution? How does the beach compare to other beaches on the coast? Expensive living there? Do they have cutting edge Drs and hospitals there? I've looked at Santa Barbara a lot, it seems great, have you been there, how does it compare? Where are you from originally?

    Sorry to have so many questions, I'm thinking of visiting these places, maybe spend the Winter. I saw a video from the students at Santa Barbara's university, they were extremely advanced in party technology. They had strong advice such as, although you're tempted to party 7 days/week, just party on the weekends--one of the more important topics. I think I partied twice, friend was determined to grow gills, second time crashed a mid-east formal party (heeehaaw), then promptly went rock climbing and fell off several times.

    I studied advanced sciences and was a pre-med, had a lot of hardships but studied as hard as I could under the circumstances.
    68,000 lbs of thrust..... "Excellent!" --Montgomery Burns, Simpsons tv show

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