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    Default Default Mooney

    Hi, I accidentally deleted the default Mooney, and now I cant find it. Could somebody send it to me or give a link to download it? Thank you for you help.

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    You can recover default files from the cab files on your game CDs; these are compressed files and can be opened with most such programs (TugZip, 7Zip, etc.).

    The contents are:

    disk1 -folders- 1033, aircraft, autogen, charts, config, effects, flights, fonts -folders- fsweb,

    disk2 -folders- gauges, indeo, lessons, messages, modules, script, texture, uires, weather -folders- sound/usenglishsmall.gvp -folders- sound/usenglishbig.gvp -folders- sound,

    disk3 -folders- scenery/cities/newyork, seattle -folders- scenery/base, eure, eurw, generic, namc, name, namw, props, vehicles -folders- scenery/cities/dallas, denver, oshkosh, stmaarten,

    compact - scenery.cfg
    complete - scenery.cfg
    scenery/cities/ remaining from disk3
    scenery/afri, asia, aust, ocen, same, world

    (don't know the source of this list, it's been in a text file in my FS9 folder for ages)

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    Further to the above by 'jbf' :--

    The Bravo is on CD1 > MSGAME1.CAB > in a group of files about half way down. [ Examine the Path column.]
    I extracted it using WinZip with 'Use folder names' checked into my fs9 base folder.

    Regards, Ted.

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    okay thanks, i hope this is gonna work in iso files, because im talking about a notebook without disk drive. Anyway, thanks again

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