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    We are officially open as of today all routes hubs and Help is available to you at your convenience . We are very proud to also let you know that we are licensed by the real world Alaska Airlines to be able to have a really great VA for you. We also offer a Custom acars for the use of all our pilots. If you are really sincere about flying or even if you just what to have fun stop by take a peak and stay awhile sign up and get an answer within 2 days . You are Not required to be or have a VATSIM id but if you do you can get extra hours on this airline for having and using . So come on over give it a try at were you are NOT a number but part of a family. We also have at one of our hubs a bush flight and water landing flight so Come fly the wings of Alaska see where it will take you.

    ASA 104 Todd C.O.O.
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