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Thread: Upgraded my MOBO and now have a Concord running loose

  1. Question Upgraded my MOBO and now have a Concord running loose

    After some time and effort I have now finished upgrading my computer with a Amd Athlon II X3 445 3.1 processor and 4 Gigs of Corsair Memory. All my plane now fly smoothly and no more jerky turkey going on. I also upgraded my Video Drivers. That is a GeForce 220 1 Gig video ram. I do hope this works out due to my not have a lot of money for a super rig. If anyone is using this processor, is it good enough for Flight Sim X or do I have another Loser on my hands. I did have a AMD Sempron Processor running at 2.2 gigs and 2 gigs of ram. It was slow!!!

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    Med-High settings in FSX should net fair frame rates(20+ave) with default aircraft and scenery. Highly detailed planes and airports can dip that into the low teens.
    Don't fret about FPS though. My rig is close to yours and my frames drop into the low teens at JFK and the like, but, does remain smooth.

    With good cooling(Hyper 212+ minimum, the EVO with a second fan is a great budget solution), the X3 445 will overclock ~3.8-9GHz 24/7 stable.
    Google "Athlon II X3 445 overclock" and learn what it takes. A Core Temp of 58C peak while running LinX with 1.55v Vcore is my personal limit.

    Once you get your CPU up to speed(pun intended), your GT 220 probably would be a bottleneck in FSX. Look for a GTS 250/450...Don
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    You could download the FSX free trial demo from here and see how you get on>>

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