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Thread: Jetwave - Launch in One Week

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    Default Jetwave - Launch in One Week

    We will begin operations on Saturday, April 21st - apply today and be there to make the first flight! Visit

    A perfect blend of airline operations and open-ended flightsim. Fly our scheduled routes and earn charter flights to destinations of your choice, or fly the executive staff's bizjets as a reward for your hard work - you can even log your GA time when you're not flying for Jetwave to boost your hours.

    New to VA's? Our training program puts you on the path to becoming a virtual airline pilot: fly Cessna's from your hometown to improve your skills, then multi-engine aircraft for our air-taxi affiliate in south Florida to prepare for the next challenge. Earn your wings and work your way to the top!

    Jetwave is based out of San Diego with an east-coast hub at Washington-Dulles, and a vacation gateway focus-city in Tampa. We operate 737's and CRJ-900's from coast to coast to serve business travelers, plus seasonal service to Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Check out the Travel Info page and Forums ("Pilot's Lounge") to learn what makes Jetwave unique.

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